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  • Prebuilt Coaxial Needle p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-1410
  • Drawing for Prebuilt Coaxial Needles p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-XXXX
  • Prebuilt Coaxial Needle p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-1612
  • Prebuilt Coaxial Needle p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-1814
  • Prebuilt Coaxial Needle p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2218
  • Prebuilt Coaxial Needle p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2620
  • Prebuilt Coaxial Needle p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2822
  • p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2016
  • p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2218
  • p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2620
  • From L to R, p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2016, p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2218, p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2620, p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2822.
  • p/n 100-10-COAXIAL-2822

Prebuilt Coaxial Needle


Product Description

Coaxial and triaxial needles are often used in the production of nanofibers made by electrospinning and electrospraying applications. The needles have excellent electrical conductivity. Note that the coaxial needle is often referred to as a coaxial cone when used in electrospinning and electrospraying applications due to the cone observed at the tip where fiber is drawn out from what is referred to as the "Taylor cone". These prebuilt coaxial needles are also used for various surface science experimentation. 

Shafting is precision Type 304 Stainless Steel while the Luer connector is nickel and chrome-plated brass. These needles are autoclavable; they can be cleaned, washed, boiled, sterilized, and reused many times. Many options and tubing sizes are available to fit any application.

The prebuilt coaxial needle is currently available in (7) sizes. 

If you would like to see the detailed drawing for this part, please go here: http://www.ramehart.com/pdf/coaxial_prebuilt.pdf

This is a preconfigured coaxial needle. If you are intersested in a custom coaxial needle, please go here: http://www.ramehart.us/custom-coaxial-needle/ 


These products are non-sterile and are sold for industrial, commercial, and institutional dispensing applications only which include but are not limited to electrospinning and electrospraying. These products are not intended for medical applications where regulated by FDA requirements. 

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